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TURAK THÊÁTRE [France] ‘Parades Nuptiales en Turakie’



‘Parades Nuptiales en Turakie’

[Courting in Turakie]

24 May at 9.30pm, 25 May at 10:00pm | Cine-Teatro Curvo Semedo

CE | Ages 7 and over

Duration | 60 min.


In Turakie, loving behaviour is inspired by the courtship display observed in the animal kingdom and among humans. Our gaze falls upon a table, which sets the scene for these love stories. Cupid is at the table. He has a long face, is quite rude, looking out only for himself, and goes about tainting the reputation of the diners but, nevertheless, uses the finest silverware and tries to arrange the courtships as best he can.


Concept | Michel Laubu

In collaboration with | Emili Hufnagel

Score | Lamento della Ninfa, by Monteverdi

Narrator | Jeanne Crousaud

Arrangement, guitars and bass clarinets | Laurent Vichard

Outside eye | Olivia Burton

Set construction, props and puppets | Michel Laubu and Géraldine Bonneton

Lighting and stage director | Fred Soria or Timothy Marozzi

Production | Turak Théâtre

Co-production | Théâtre Renoir-Cran Gevrier


Michel Laubu was born in Creutzwald in 1961, in the department of Moselle, in France. In 1979, he created his first show with objects and puppets. Five years later, he created travelling show Le Poulailler, the “Chicken Coop” (in a suitcase) and toured Germany for five weeks. It was his first «audiovisual show without speech». In 1985, he founded Turak, a company specialising in object theatre.