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TRETAS [Portugal]


‘O Gaiteiro e os Lobos’

[The Piper and the Wolves]


26 May, at 9.30pm, in Centro Cultural de S. Geraldo | 27 May, at 9.30pm, at GUSS, São Cristóvão

CE | Ages 6 and over

Duration | 45 min.


In a village, like so many others, a mysterious disappearance causes a whirlwind of speculation and gossip leading to a riddle and a sticky situation, with a herder playing a central role.



Company | TRETAS – Teatro Rural e Experimental em Terreiros, Auditórios e Salões

Performers | Pedro Almeida, Miguel Schreck and Rita Melo

Scenography | Pedro Almeida and Miguel Schreck

Script | TRETAS – adaptation of folklore

Staging | TRETAS


TRETAS & Lérias – Associação Cultural

Lérias – Associação Cultural was founded in June 2008 aimed at supporting the arts and education, whilst developing traditional culture. Located in the village of Palaçoulo, in the municipality of Miranda do Douro, the cultural association carries out a number of activities.
Lérias’ theatre troupe – TRETAS – endeavours to bring performing arts to the highlands of Portugal. Inspired by the tales of imps, the bogeyman, and other imaginary beings told in Portuguese, in general, and Mirandese, in particular, the troupe creates and recreates stories that take audiences on a journey that combines everyday life, tradition and imagination.
This multifaceted troupe performs in street theatre (“Os Trolhas”; “O Pescador, o Caçador, o Cão e a Lebre”; “A Família” and “Os Poetas da Pinga”), on stage, with both story adaptations (“Fronteira” by Miguel Torga and “Sebastião voltou!” by Nuno Markl) and original productions (“O Gaiteiro e os Lobos”; “L Tamborileiro de la Pruôba” and “O Pai Natal e o Super Gaiteiro”).
The troupe, which also takes care of the scenography, incorporates multidisciplinary knowledge and techniques into their plays, such as music, dance and the use of puppets, shadow play and marionettes.
In addition to the performances, the troupe also offers an educational component covering two areas: lessons in dramatic expression and performing arts, and the stage adaptation of stories included in the national school curriculum.