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Radar 360º

RADAR 360º [Portugal] ‘Baile dos candeeiros’ [The


RADAR 360º [Portugal]

‘Baile dos candeeiros’

[The Ball of the Lamps]


1 June, at 9.30pm | Urban Park Amphitheatre

CE | All ages

Duration | 45 min.


A magical universe has lived within us all since childhood. Inspired by rituals and traditions dating back to the late 1960s, this production is based on the famous “Baile dos Cinco Candeeiros” (traditional ball held in the north of Portugal).
Autonomous human lamps placed in strategic positions take on the characteristics of the spaces they inhabit. They turn on, turn off, breathe, dance, interact, react…
This artistic performance is part of an installation art concept, where dance and light give life to a living visual scene.



Artistic Director | António Oliveira

Performers | António Oliveira, Filipe Caco, Filipe Moreira, Flávio Rodrigues, Mariana Amorim and Julieta Rodrigues

Sound Design | Fernando Rodrigues

Props and scenography | António Oliveira, Emanuel Santos and Pedro Estevam

Costumes | Julieta Rodrigues

Technical Director | Emanuel Santos

Photography | J.M, Gilberto Figueiredo, Diogo Azevedo, Joaquim Baptista


RADAR 360º is a cultural association established by a collective of professionals from the fields of Theatre, Dance, Circus, Music, Sculpture, Scenography and Architecture. They focus on research of theatre and the body, manipulating objects and using stage machinery, the occupation of public space, bringing artistic expression to the people and using unconventional spaces.