Partículas Elementares
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Partículas Elementares




‘O voo’

[The Flight]


3 June, at 5pm | Cine-Teatro Curvo Semedo

CE | Ages 3 and over

Duration | 40 min.


Once upon a time, a boy was flying around the world in a red aeroplane. During one of his stops, he finds a tree with a nest.
In it is an egg.
And in the egg, a bird.
What is he to do? Continue on his journey or stay and hatch the egg? A visual metaphor, in a simple and intimate show.



Concept | Carlos Silva

Performer | Carlos Silva

Staging | Leonor Bandeira

Scenography and puppets | Planeta Zorg

Photography and video | Natacha Sampaio

Production | Partículas Elementares


Since 2003, Partículas Elementares, a company specialising in children’s and puppet theatre, has been winning over audiences, show after show, across the country.
Children and adults alike identify with the troupe through simple, touching stories told with a hint of poetry, which captivate audiences from the start.
Partículas Elementares aims at using its artistic activities as a tool to enrich the imagination of children, by educating creative and sentient citizens who are prepared to treat others with respect and care and to face the challenges that lie ahead.
The troupe demonstrates that, to tell a good story, all you need to do is let your imagination soar!