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‘Em Busca do Planalto Perdido’

[In Search of the Lost Plateau]


24 May, at 10.30am (session for schools) | 25 May, at 10.30am and 2.30pm (sessions for schools) | 26 May, at 9.30pm | Cine-Teatro Curvo Semedo

CE | Ages 6 and over

Duration | 45 min.


Weary of the approaching cold of winter, four brave Egyptian vultures set off on an adventure in search of the mythical Lost Plateau. They had heard the ancient ones speak of this land of plenty, sun and dreams with hope shining in their eyes, but were also warned that, to reach this land, they had to be brave, cunning and very, very determined.
In fact, no one had ever seen this plateau, and they’re not even sure it exists. All anyone knows is that it lies in the mountains of the north of Portugal, and little else…but that won’t stop our fearless group. Undeterred by the challenges, Bicas, Balão, Banzé and Bamba team up with a mysterious ally and set off on an unforgettable adventure.
Without further ado, away we go – the Lost Plateau awaits us all!


Original script | Jorge Constante Pereira

Staging | Raul Constante Pereira

Puppet design | Manel Cruz

Score and sound design | Pedro Lima

Lighting design | Alma d’Arame

Scenography | Albano Martins

Performers | Raul Constante Pereira, Albano Martins, Sofia Silva, Amaria Simões

Interpretation | Raul Constante Pereira, Rui Oliveira

Technical operation | Sofia Silva

Co-production between Limite Zero and the following institutions | Bragança Municipal Theatre, Lisbon Puppet Museum, Alma d ́Arame


Limite Zero is a cultural association dedicated to carrying out initiatives in a variety of artistic fields. It produces theatre performances and puppet theatre, video production, and provides training.
Given that its activity is not limited to the production and promotion of cultural events, it has also created a space for experimentation, combining several forms of artistic expression, namely: dramatic expression, puppets and video.
Operating for 15 years and with over 16 creations, this year it brings its collection of puppets and other objects to Montemor-o-Novo, which represent its artistic journey over the years.