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Boca de Cão

BOCA DE CÃO [Portugal] ‘Alforria – A


BOCA DE CÃO [Portugal]

‘Alforria – A vida numa carroça’

[Manumission – Life on a wagon]


26 May, at 10.30am | Municipal Market

CE | All ages

Duration | 50 min.


‘Alforria’ is a show, a journey, in which the audience will be enthralled by the decision taken to go in search of a happier life. Xica and Tibério, tireless workers, are slaves but, through Silvestre, a friendly pet boar, they discover that friendship and courage are what guide our hearts.
On and off the wagon, they show what life and living on the road to freedom is like.



Concept and interpretation | Hugo Ribeiro and Muni Joana Domingos

Performing Score | Rodrigo Malvar

Supported by | Espinho City Council, F.A.C.E. – Espinho Art and Culture Forum and the Espinho Municipal Museum, Teatro e Marionetas de Mandrágora

Hugo Ribeiro
Freelance set designer Hugo Ribeiro works in artistic creation and interpretation at the “Boca de Cão”, a street and puppet theatre company where he designs projects for the creation of and experimentation with new puppets.
He has worked as a set designer for companies such as Erva Daninha, Radar 360o, Teatro do Frio, PELE, Teatro e Marionetas de Mandrágora and Comédias do Minho, among others.
He was also set director of the ‘Queima do Judas’ event in Vila do Conde from 2013 to 2016.

Muni Joana Domingos
With a degree in Animation and Cultural Production, Muni has been part of the arts since her teens, when she started performing in street theatre and circus arts. During the years she spent in Barcelona, Muni broadened her knowledge of the two fields, and also studied ecology and natural medicines. She returned to Portugal in 2009 and since then has collaborated with several organisations to create shows and provide specialised training. She also continued training in arts, in particular Comédia Dell ́Arte, Traditional African Dance, Clown, Street and Puppet Theatre. Since 2013, she has dedicated herself exclusively to puppets with the projects created by her company Boca de Cão, and in collaboration with other companies.